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Сост. М.Макаров, М.Волович, К.Зоркий

If you Don't speak Russian,
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You are holding in your hands the third preliminary edition of the English-Russian Dictionary for a Christian Translator. (The first edition appeared in 1993, the second in 1994). By “preliminary” we mean an unfinished version, a work going through its middle stages.

What It Is and What It Isn't

It is a supplement to a regular English-Russian dictionary. It is not a substitute for it.
It may help both you and your interpreter. It will not solve all your communication problems.
The Dictionary covers three types of words: Christian terms in the broadest sense of the word — Orthodox, Catholic, Protestant. Some proper names related to Christianity (Biblical places and characters, names of Christian organizations, events, movements, etc.).
General words that may present problems for a Christian translator/interpreter (such as challenge, experience, etc.).

How Can You Benefit From the Dictionary

As you look through the English words, you will see some of them marked: , and .

Beware of the words marked , for they are difficult or impossible to render in Russian. And if you prepare a text with Russian translation in mind, it would be advisable to avoid using these words altogether. Try to find 0ther ways to express your thoughts — or face a risk of being mistranslated and therefore misunderstood — See challenge, claim, dispensation, quiet time.

Words marked may also be dangerous, if your interpreter is an inexperienced one. These words have so called ‘faux amis’ (false friends) in Russian — words that sound and look alike, but mean something very different. Our Dictionary should help in these cases. See banquet fountain, tract.

The mark draws your Russian translator's attention to entries where some helpful or interesting information can be found, even if the word itself presents no problem. See a, Jesus, you.

How Can Others Benefit From Your Help

If you discover that a word or a name (either related to Christianity or important for a Christian translator in some way) is not in the Dictionary, please write to us. We will then consider including your suggestions into one of the subsequent editions.

But even more important than writing to us, please encourage your Russian interpreters to do so. This Dictionary is intended for them, and it is their input and criticism that will improve it

Whether or not the final version of our Dictionary ever gels published depends largely on your prayers and financial support.

Our address:
Mark Makarov, Peter Deyncka Russian Ministries, 1415 Hill Avenue, Box 496, Wheaton, IL 60189, USA.
Phone: (630) 462-1739; fax: (630) 690-2976.
E-mail: postmaster@asr.ru.
For our address in Moscow see p. 8.

Mark Makarov

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