Larry W. Hurtado

One God, One Lord: Early Christian Devotion and Ancient Jewish Monotheism


«How monotheistic Judaism could he the cradle of belief in the divinity of Jesus is one of the perennial problems of the study of Christian origins... Many studies of the subject over the years leave many obscurities in the story of the development at this crucial stage, and lack of evidence conspires withChristian tendencies to claim too much and Jewish tendencies to allow too little so as to bedevil the discussion... Professor Hurtado's account of the matter is admirable, clear-cut and credible.» ~Theology »This is a carefully argued study... The question which is addressed is of central importance for the history of early Christianity.» ~The Expository Times «Professor Hurtado traces the rise of the ideas of Christ's divinity to Jewish sources. He shows that Christians naturally relied on Jewish concepts of a principal angelic helper to God to understand the meaning of Jesus» mission. As opposed to Philo and other Jews who espoused concepts of divine mediators, Christians worshipped this figure, thus creating an historic »mutation» within Judaism.Professor Hurtado's writing is clear and concise: his theory is exact, specific and demonstrable. He has written one of the most important and provocative Christologies of all time, one which will be justly consulted for its comprehensive understanding ofearly Christianity.» ~Alan F. Segal Larry Hurtado is Professor of New Testament Language, Literature and Theology, University of Edinburgh.


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