Subdivision of passions according to genesis

(origin and development)

1. Gluttony 2. Lust 3. Greed 4. Wrath 5. Sorrow 6. Despondency 7. Vanity 8. Pride
Addiction chain The root of subsequent passions Father of greed (love for money) Mother of wrath and sorrow Father of sorrow Mother of despondency A Spawn of sorrow and vanity Excessive vanity gives birth to pride The limit and source of passions, the root of evil.
Definition Addiction to delicious and plentiful food Addiction to carnal passion through thought or deed. The desire to make wealth Loss of peace of mind (division of soul) Sinful sorrow (from an external source) Feeling of inner dissatisfaction and devastation (from internal state) Addiction to the futile (in vain) glory of man, love of honors. Excessively high opinion of oneself and neglect of others; arrogance, haughtiness.
Different kinds of passions 1) Food before the set time 2) Gluttony 3) Voluptuousness 1) Fornication. 2) Adultery. 3) Sexual perversions. 4) Fornication in thoughts. 1) Greed is a passion for possession. 2) Stinginess is a passion for conservation. Greed wants to capture something that belongs to others, avarice is afraid to give its own. 1) Internal – embarrassment, irritation. 2) External 3) Vindication (revenge, resentment). 1) Sadness from lesion, loss, default 2) Sadness from apprehension, fear and care. 3) Sadness from previous anger. 1) Despondency that drives to sleep: laziness. 2) Despondency (boredom) driving from home in search of communication and entertainment. 1) The exaltation of carnal benefits, talents and visible things. 2) The exaltation of spiritual exploits. 1) Contempt for others. 2) Attributing all good deeds to yourself
How passion is expressed The manifestations of gluttony passion include drunkenness, drug addiction, smoking. The passion of fornication affects people of any age. Greed can take the form of entrepreneurship, collecting, embezzlement. Outwardly, it may look like thrift. Anger usually causes dissatisfaction with any passion. 1) Feeling of sadness, spiritual bitterness. 2) Anxiety. More often manifested in the soul of a person who has a deep attachment to earthly things. Burnout, fussiness, distraction in prayer. Extreme despondency is despair and suicide. A thirst for recognition and praise. Vanity accompanies all virtues. Resentment, pride, intransigence, self-justification, grumble, consumer attitude to God, the Church and people, contrariness, selfishness, lack of generosity.
God’s intention (design) Food from the Tree of Life. John.6:48 Love and Unanimity in God. Genesis.2:18 Man caring for the world and cultivating it. Genesis.1:28 The zeal of God, flowing from the cares of the world. John.2:17 Human creative activity. 1Cor.3:9 The fruits of human labor John15:5 The consecration of the fruits of labor, the glorification of God in your affairs. Mt.6:9 The acquisition of divine dignity, deification (theosis). John.17:21
Man's natural need after the fall Nutrition Reproduction Survival in a fallen world Righteous anger The need for labor Civilization building
What commandment this passion is breaking But watch yourselves lest your hearts be weighed down with dissipation and drunkenness and cares of this life… Lk. 21:34 Flee from sexual immorality… t the sexually immoral person sins against his own body. 1Cor.6:18 Keep your life free from love of money, and be content with what you have… Hebrew 13:5 But I say to you that everyone who is angry with his brother[c] will be liable to judgment … Mt.5:22 Jesus, seeing that he had become sad, said, “How difficult it is for those who have wealth to enter the kingdom of God! Lk. 18:24 And he told them a parable to the effect that they ought always to pray and not lose heart Lk. 18:1 And when you pray, you must not be like the hypocrites… Mt.6:5 Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall Proverbs. 16:18
Holy Scripture about passion Book of the Wisdom of Sirach 37:30–34 Mt.5:28,31–32; 1Cor.6:9–10 Lk.12:15–22; Mark.10:23–24; 1Tim.6:6–10,17–19 Mt.5:21–22; Eccl.7:9; James.1:20; Eph.4:26 2Cor.7:9–10 Ps. 42:5 Mt.6:1,5,16 Jac. 4:6; 1Cor.13:4; Daniel.4:34; Jerem.50:31–33
Ways of struggle (How to cure) 1) Fasting. 2) Food only at the scheduled time. 3) A person needs to end of the meal before satiety. 4) Simple food. 5) Abstinence from alcohol. 6) Eat, but to not regalia 1) Abstinence from excess food, wine and sleep. Abstinence of the tongue. 2) Physical work. 3) Confession. 4) Prayer against prodigal thoughts. 5) Reading the Holy Scriptures 1) Alms. 2) Strengthening faith in the Providence of God. 3) Remembering about death 1) Abstinence in food. 2) Silence of the mouth with embarrassment of the heart. 3) A request for forgiveness of insults to those whom I offended. 4) Prayer for the one who offended me. 1) Prayer with tears. 2) Mercy. 3) Hate the world. 4) Reflection on future blessings and bliss in paradise. 5) Acceptance of everything that happens as a gift of God. 6) The praise of God. 1) Labor 2) Zeal in prayer and for every good deed. Self-enforcement education. 3) Patience. 4) Daily schedule 5) Remembering about death. 6) Avoid unnecessary information. 7) Avoid people who avoid work (lazy ppl) 1) Do not notice praise towards yourself. 2) Distrust of their virtues. 3) The desire not to stand out from others. 4) Modesty in speech and clothes. 5) Self-shame, contrition of sins. 6) Silence. 1) The memory of your own sins, the memory of death, meditation on the good deeds of God, up to the suffering and death on the Cross. 2) Self-restraint. 3) Requests for forgiveness or help from other people. 4) Prayer for all, even the simplest needs. 5) Attribution of all good deeds to God. 6) Obedience to your mentor.
Some features of the struggle Graduation is needed. Fasting should be kept secret. Avoid voluptuous impressions and feelings Alms require gradual skill and secrecy. It is necessary to develop patience. Thanksgiving prayers It is useful to read the lives of ascetics. You should compare yourself with the image of the person who Christ taught about. Hard physical labor can help cure extreme degrees of pride.
Virtue Abstinence Chastity Non-possessiveness Kindness Hope Sobriety Humbleness Love

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