An intermediate greek-english lexicon


Impression of 2002 First. edition 1889

THIS Abridgement of the Oxford Greek Lexicon has been undertaken in compliance with wishes expressed by several experienced School Masters. It is an entirely new work, and it is hoped that it will meet their requirements.

It differs from the old Abridgement, in that ist. It is made from the last Edition (1883) of the large Lexicon. 2ndly. The matter contained in it is greatly increased. This increase has been caused by giving fuller explanations of the words, by inserting the irregular forms of Moods and Tenses more fully, by citing the leading Authorities for the different usages, and adding characteristic phrases.

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Источник: An intermediate greek-english lexicon / by Henry George Liddell - New York : Harper and Brothers, 1882 - 932 p.

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