Graham Speake, Kallistos Ware

Mount Athos. Microcosm of the Christian East




GRAHAM SPEAKE AND KALLISTOS WARE. Introduction AVERIL CAMERON. Mount Athos and the Byzantine World Bibliography TAMARA GRDZELIDZE. The Georgians on Mount Athos The Myth of Iviron The Beginnings Georgian Royal and Noble Families at the Imperial Court Nationalistic Aspirations of the Georgian Athonite Community Intellectual Property of Iviron Bibliography KYRILL PAVLIKIANOV. The Bulgarians on Mount Athos Early Bulgarian Monks on Athos The Monastery of Zelianos The Bulgarian Monastery of Zographou Slavic-Speaking Benefactors of the Zographou Monastery Eminent Bulgarian Churchmen on Athos during the Fourteenth Century Bulgarian Saints on Mount Athos The Bulgarian Presence in the Monastery of Koutloumousiou Conclusions Bibliography VLADETA JANKOVIC. The Serbian Tradition on Mount Athos Bibliography MARCUS PLESTED. Latin Monasticism on Mount Athos Bibliography CONSTANTIN COMAN Moldavians, Wallachians, and Romanians on Mount Athos Romanian Monks on the Holy Mountain The Esphigmenou ‘Offer’ The Romanian Skete Prodromou Assistance Accorded to the Holy Mountain by Romanians The Dedicated Monasteries The Secularization of the Monastic Estates Rationale for Supporting the Holy Lands The Romanians’ Charismata Epilogue Bibliography GRAHAM SPEAKE. ‘The Ark of Hellenism’: Mount Athos and the Greeks under Turkish Rule Sixteenth-century Athos Eighteenth-century Athos Bibliography NICHOLAS FENNELL. The Russians on Mount Athos Bibliography KALLISTOS WARE The Holy Mountain: Universality and Uniqueness The One and the Many The World as Sacrament Ecumenical Orthodoxy The Threefold Way Creative Silence Threats and Hopes Bibliography Notes on Contributors  


Mount Athos is the spiritual heart of the Orthodox world. From its beginnings in the ninth century it attracted monks from all corners of the Byzantine empire and beyond to experience its seclusion, its sanctity, and its great natural beauty. The first monastery, founded in 963, was an international institution from the start; by the end of the twelfth century separate monasteries had been founded not only for Greeks but also for Georgians, Amalfitans, Russians, Serbs, and Bulgarians. Nationality, however, has rarely counted for much on Athos, and though the Romanians have never secured a monastery for themselves, today they form, after the Greeks, the largest ethnic group. This book tells the story of how these many traditions came to be represented on the Mountain and how their communities have fared over the centuries. Most of the papers were originally delivered at a conference convened by the Friends of Mount Athos at Madingley Hall, Cambridge, in 2009. As far as possible, the authors were chosen to write about the traditions that they themselves represent.

Graham Speake studied classics at Trinity College, Cambridge, and was awarded a doctorate by the University of Oxford for a thesis on the Byzantine transmission of ancient Greek literature. He is the founder and secretary of the Friends of Mount Athos and author of Mount Athos: Renewal in Paradise (2002), for which he was awarded the Criticos Prize. He is also a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of London.

Kallistos Ware holds a doctorate in theology from the University of Oxford where from 1966 to 2001 he was a Fellow of Pembroke College and Spalding Lecturer in Eastern Orthodox Studies. He is a monk of the monastery of St John the Theologian, Patmos, and an assistant bishop in the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Thyateira and Great Britain. In 2007 he was raised to the rank of metropolitan.


The Friends of Mount Athos would like to acknowledge with thanks the generous sponsorship that they received from the Leventis Foundation and the Eling Trust in support of the conference at which most of the papers collected in this volume were presented. The editors in their turn would like to thank the Friends of Mount Athos for generously contributing towards the costs of its publication. A further, not insignificant, contribution was provided from the collection taken at the funeral of the late Jeremy Black. Jeremy was for many years a staunch supporter of the Friends of Mount Athos, he served as a member of its Executive Committee, and he expressed his love for the Mountain in many ways, not least by regularly accompanying path-clearing expeditions and by remembering the society in his will. This book is dedicated to his memory in all humility and with deep affection.

Источник: Mount Athos. Microcosm of the Christian East / Graham Speake, Kallistos Ware - Oxford–Bern : Lang AG Peter, 2011. - Pp. IX, 216. ISBN: 3039119958

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