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Graham Speake, Kallistos Ware

Notes on Contributors

Averil Cameron has recently retired as Warden of Keble College, Oxford, and is the chair of the newly established Oxford Centre for Byzantine Research. Her most recent book was The Byzantines (Oxford, 2006), for which she was awarded the Criticos Prize.

Constantin Coman is a graduate of the Theology Faculty in Bucharest and gained a PhD in theology from the University of Athens. He is Professor of New Testament at the Theology Faculty of Bucharest University, specializing in biblical hermeneutics, and also serves as a parish priest.

Nicholas Fennell studied Russian and Italian at Trinity College, Cambridge, and gained a PhD from the University of Southampton. Since 1974 he has taught Russian and French literature and language at Winchester College. He is the author of The Russians on Athos (Oxford, 2001) and numerous articles on Russian Athos.

Tamara Grdzelidze works for the Faith and Order Secretariat of the World Council of Churches in Geneva. She holds a DPhil from the University of Oxford, a doctorate in medieval Georgian literature from the Tbilisi State University, and an honorary doctorate from the University of Bern.

Vladeta Jankovic is a retired professor of classical literature at the University of Belgrade. He was formerly Ambassador of Yugoslavia to the United Kingdom and currently serves as Ambassador of Serbia to the Holy See.

Kyrill Pavlikianov is Professor of Byzantine Philology and Palaeography at the University of Sofia. His doctoral dissertation (University of Athens, 1997) was concerned with the Slavic monastic presence on Mount Athos during the Middle Ages and he has published widely on the history of the Holy Mountain as well as its medieval cultural and documentary heritage.

Marcus Plested is Vice-Principal and Academic Director of the Institute for Orthodox Christian Studies (Cambridge Theological Federation). He was schooled in London, educated at Oxford, and received into the Orthodox Church on Athos. He is the author of The Macarian Legacy (Oxford, 2004) and of many articles on Patristics and Eastern Orthodoxy. He is also a Member of the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, New Jersey.

Graham Speake studied classics at Trinity College, Cambridge, and gained a DPhil at Oxford for a thesis on the Byzantine transmission of ancient Greek literature. He is the founder and secretary of the Friends of Mount Athos and author of Mount Athos: Renewal in Paradise (New Haven, CT, and London, 2002), for which he was awarded the Criticos Prize. He too was received into the Orthodox Church on Athos and is also a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of London.

Kallistos Ware holds a doctorate in theology from the University of Oxford where from 1966 to 2001 he was a Fellow of Pembroke College and Spalding Lecturer in Eastern Orthodox Studies. He is a monk of the monastery of St John the Theologian, Patmos, and an assistant bishop in the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Thyateira and Great Britain. In 2007 he was raised to the rank of metropolitan. His publications include The Orthodox Church, 2nd edn (London, 1993) and The Orthodox Way, 2nd edn (Crestwood, NY, 19)

Источник: Mount Athos. Microcosm of the Christian East / Graham Speake, Kallistos Ware - Oxford–Bern : Lang AG Peter, 2011. - Pp. IX, 216. ISBN: 3039119958

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