Zаccheus The light of the body is the eye In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost “...And for the union of all let us pray to the Lord” Publication. At the gateway to the nativity Address of metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh at his consecration as bishop of sergievo on 30 november 1957 Ascension Father Sergius’ ordination Last Supper Prodigal Son Before For giveness Sunday Let God Work In Us Sunday 26th November 1967 Sermon given 25th December 1967 First Sunday After Easter On Communion Raising Of Lazarus Thomas Sunday Prayer Out Of Ordinary On the Eucharist Beheading of St. John the Baptist New Year 189 Cost Of The Kingdom Publication On the birth of the Mother of God On Christening Of А Child Christian Medical Commission SERMON on the Sunday of the Last Judgement Easter Sunday Of The Man Born Blind On Repairing Of The Cathedral Interior Fr Michael Beaumont New Year Father Benedict'S Ordination Preparation To Lent On Listening Forgiveness Sunday On Communion Russian Section Reading Signs Of Times Man born blind Centurion Keep Your Door Open Liturgy – Holy Meal Conquest Of Death SERMON GIVEN The Feast of the Nativity Family Gathering – Christmas New Year Newsletter N. 84, March 1977 Reading The Gospels On Forgiveness New Year Moleben Be Un shakable As Job On incarnation Baptism of Christ Sermon given by metropolitan Anthony Sunday of the cross St Thomas Sunday Before Christmas On the nativity Sunday of Zaccheus Blessing of the Water – Nativity A SERMON PREACHED AT GREAT ST.MARY'S, The University Church, Cambridge Healing of the lunatic child Ordination of John to the diaconate Easter sermon Sunday 9 JULY 1978 Sermon on New year’s eve Nativity of Christ Circumcision of Christ Baptism of Christ The paralytic of the pool of bethesda Sermon by Metropolitan Anthony Miracles of Christ on the sabbath day Newsletter N. 130, April 1981 The Lord’s entry into Jerusalem On Miracles Parable Of Vineyard Poor In Spirit Memory Of Death Gratitude Sermon Preached Sermon for St. George’s day May 3, 1981 'What must i do to be saved?' The rich young man (English) and the workers in the vineyard (Russian) 13 September 1981, Children of the Kingdom of God On St Andrew New Year Sermon Christmas Follow Me On prayer and on suffering YMCA SERMON on the Sunday before the Nativity of Christ, January 1, 1984 Nativity of Christ Ordination To Deaconat de Patrick Hodson Prodigal Son In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. SERMON Sunday of the Cross, 23 March 1984 Annunciation Sermon on the 3d of June 1984 Quite In Church How To Deal With Sinful Condition Communion Raising (?) of Jairus Daughter Week After Christmas Eve Of Epiphany Sermon for Unity Sermon For Unity Easter sermon Newsletter N. 175 , May, 1985 The mother of God Paralytic man Sermon on Holy Spirit Follow Christ St Ioannikios The Great Sermon on Unity Week Forgiveness Sunday Integral Christianity SERMON on Miracles (The Feeding of the Five Thousand). Dormition Of Mother Of God All Is Possible For God Exaltation Of Cross Give Us Our Bread Sermon 29.03. 1987 Remember Us Lord Sermon bY metropolitan Anthony: Easter 1991 The Rich Young Man Sermon on St Paul's Epistles The good Samaritan Sermon on the millennium of the baptism of rus' SERMON on the Genealogy of Christ Christmas Eve Christmas. Nativity of our Lord Waiting on God Holiness Of Body Last Judgment Sunday of orthodoxy If Two Or Three Agree Together On communion Samaritan woman, Photinia The centurion All saints of this land SERMON preached on the Sunday of the Paralytic, On healing Wedding of Dimitri & Isabell Kulmann SERMON on the Prayer before Communion Sermon preached on Sunday, 25th September 1988 SERMON on the occasion of the Blessing of the Church at Walsingham, the Ordination of Fr. Philip Steer to the priesthood and Patrick Radley as Reader On Forgiveness Sermon on newly canonised St. Ambrose of Optina Remembrance day Christmas SERMON on the Feast of the Mother of God Pre-Epiphany 29th January 1989, Veneration of Saint Peter's Chains Preparation to forgiveness Sunday Sunday of Prodigal Son SERMON on the Last Judgement Sunday of Forgiveness Liturgy Forgiveness Sunday – Vespers Archpriest MIloje Nikolich, 1910–1989 (From the sermon at his funeral in St Sava's church) Sunday of the Cross Annunciation Saint John of the Ladder St Mary of Egypt Sacrament of Holy Unction Holy Saturday, April 29, 1989 Ascension The Christian God Sermon preached during the Moleben at the close of the Effingham Conference, 1989, 29 May Man Blind from Birth Sunday before Pentecost The Day of the Holy Spirit All Saints Sunday, Diocesan Liturgy All Saints of Russia Sunday Sunday of all Saints of the British Isles Pannihida for Tsarskaya Semya Healing of Gergesenes reading Graduation Sermon Five Loaves SERMON 13 August 1989 (Matt. XIV, 14–21 ) Woman Taken In Adultery Sobor In Russia Sower Remembrance Day Sermon on Gratitude Bridal Feast Christmas Eve Christmas “After Epiphany” and Bartimaeus Zacchaeus Sunday of the Prodigal Son 11th February 1990 Last Judgement Forgiveness Sunday Triumph of Orthodoxy Sunday Saint Gregory Palamas Sunday Sermon on the Sunday of the Cross (18th March 1990) On Prayers after Communion Sermon on the Sunday of Saint Mary of Egypt Sermon preached on the occasion of the Ordination of Deacon Maxim Nikolsky to the Priesthood. Ordaining To Deaconat Easter Sermon preached on the Sunday of the Samaritan Woman, Sermon on the election of the new Patriarch, Alexis Metropolitan of Leningrad and Novgorod Sermon on the Liturgy preached in July, 1990 Gergesenes On Blessing Of Holy Gifts On healing On Healing Peter’s Storm Sermon on Being True to Oneself preached on Sunday, 12th August 1990 Transfiguration Assumption Sermon preached on Sunday after the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, and on the occasion of the Ordination of Deacon Sergei Ovsiannikov to the Priesthood 30.9.1990 n/s Protecting Veil of the Mother of God Sermon on Fasting preached on Sunday, 25th November, 1990 Sermon Ten Lepers Bridal Feast New Year Moleben Kathleen Kanjilal Funeral Bartimaeus Sermon preached on the Sunday of Zacchaeus Prodigal Son On approaching Forgiveness Sunday Last Judgement Easter 1991, 7 April Sermon preached on Sunday of the Myrrh-bearing Women – April 21, 1991 How To Hear The Gospel All Saints Day. Diocesan Liturgy. Ordination of Kenneth and Richard Healing At Gergesene Nativity of St John the Baptist SERMON preached on Sunday, July 14, 1991 Rich Young Man Sermon on events in Russia Gratitude Palm Sunday Sermon Lords Prayer Christmas St Anthony Great Last Judgement All Saints Our Father Silence At The Church St Joseph New Martyrs Of Russia Ordination Of Deacon St Thomas Our Response To God Ordination Of Deacon On Forgiveness Sermon Ordination To Priest hood Towards Christmas Forgiveness Sunday Communion All Saints Divine Mercy On Called To Feast Sunday Of Orthodoxy Myrrh-Bearing Women Romans 15:1–7 Day Of Celebration For Creation St Thomas Luke 10:25–37 Epiphany Sermon given on 11th January 1998 Ordination Of Deacon Church New Year Forgiveness Sunday All Saints Of Britain Sermon given by metropolitan Anthony 18th July 1999 Child Confession Confession Sermon given by metropolitan Anthony on 31st October 1999 Confession Ordination Of Fr Michael Gogoleff Last Judgement St Mary Of Egypt Sunday Of Paralytic Holy Trinity New Martyrs Of Russia Church New Year Sunday 15th October 2000 Sunday 5th November 2000 Sermon on the Week of Prayer for Unity Metropolitan Anthony (about 2001) Christmas Forgiveness Sunday Spiritual Father Sermon given by metropolitan Anthony on Sunday 12th August 2001 November 4, 2001 Christmas Week Of Prayer For Christian Unity Lets Build Onenness On Hilarion 2002, 29th September Radio 4 Sunday Worship 27 October 2002 Address on the occasion of death of her majesty queen Elizabeth the queen mother SERMON on the Sunday of the Last Judgement

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