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Christianity and Culture



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Chapter I. Faith and Culture II Section Chapter II. The Predicament of the Christian Historian II Section III Section IV Section V Section Chapter III. Antinomies of Christian History: Empire and Desert II Section III Section IV Section V Section VI Section Chapter IV. The Iconoclastic Controversy Chapter V. Christianity and Civilization Chapter VI. The Social Problem in the Eastern Orthodox Church II Section III Section IV Section Chapter VII. Patriarch Jeremiah II and the Lutheran Divines Chapter VIII. The Greek Version of the Augsburg Confession Chapter IX. The Orthodox Churches and the Ecumenical Movement Prior to 1910 II. Bohemians and Byzantines III. East and West Relationships From the Reformations Until the 19th Century IV. The Early 19th Century V. Between the Churches VI. Towards the Twentieth Century Bibliography. Chapter VII  


Volume Two

In the Collected Works


Georges Florovsky

Emeritus Professor of Eastern Church History

Harvard University

About the Author

Born in Odessa in 1893, Father Georges Florovsky was Assistant Professor at the University of Odessa in 1919. Having left Russia, Fr. Florovsky taught philosophy in Prague from 1922 until 1926. He was then invited to the chair of Patrology at St. Sergius’ Orthodox Theological Institute in Paris.

In 1948 Fr. Florovsky came to the United States. He was Professor and Dean of St. Vladimir’s Theological School until 1955, while also teaching as Adjunct Professor at Columbia University and Union Theological Seminary.

From 1956 until 1964 Fr. Florovsky held the chair of Eastern Church History at Harvard University. Since 1964 he has taught Slavic studies and history at Princeton University.

Fr. Georges Florovsky, Emeritus Professor of Eastern Church History at Harvard University and recipient of numerous honorary degrees, is a member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

About the Collected Works of Fr. Florovsky

The Collected Works of Fr. Georges Florovsky will be published in English and will contain his articles in Slavic studies as well as in Church History and Theology which have previously appeared in Russian, German, French, Bulgarian, Czech, Serbian, Swedish and English. Each volume will be arranged thematically. Included in the Collected Works will be his two major works on the Church Fathers (The Eastern Fathers of the Fourth Century and The Byzantine Fathers from the Fifth to the Eighth Century).

Источник: Christianity and Culture : Collected Works of. Volume 2. / George Florovsky. - Belmont, Ma : Norland Publishing Company, 1974. – 245 p.

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