Frank Cole Babbitt

A grammar of Attic and Ionic Greek



Frederick DeForest Allen Preface List of abbreviations Introduction. The Greek Language Writing and sound Alphabet Vowels Diphthongs Breathings Consonants Interchange of vowels Contraction of vowels Omission of vowels Consonants with vowels Rejection or Transfer of Aspiration Hiatus (Crasis and Elison) Movable consonants Final consonants Syllables and quantity Proclitics and enclitics Enclitics Punctuation Inflection Nouns (Substantives and Adjectives) Substantives Adjectives Adverbs Pronouns Numerals Verbs Voice Mode Tense Person and Number (Personal endings) Inflection (-ω Form and -μι Form) Augment Reduplication Accent of the Verbs Formation of Tense Stems Synopsis of παιδεύω Paradigms of – ω Verbs Paradigms of – μι Verbs Irregular Verbs in -μι Formation of Words Derivative Words Compound Words Syntax The Sentence Agreement Syntax of Substantives The Cases The Nominative and Vocative Case The Accusative The Genitive The Dative Place and Time (Summary) Prepositions with the Cases Syntax of Adjectives Syntax of Adverbs Conjunctions The definite Article ὁ, ἡ, τό Syntax of Pronouns Syntax of the Verb The Voices Use of the Tenses Uses of the Finite Modes The Infinitive The Participle The Verbal Adjectives Indirect Discourse Appendices A. Versification B. Table of Vowel Contractions C. The Pronunciation of Greek Proper Names in English D. Some AdditionaL Grammatical Terms E. Weights, Measures, and Time F . List of Verbs

Источник: A grammar of Attic and Ionic Greek / Frank Cole Babbitt - New York: American book company, 1902. – 448 p.

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