List of Sources

The Introduction was first published in French as the Introduction to the book L’être ecclésial, (Labor et Fides, Geneva 1981), and translated into English by John Clarke and Elizabeth Templeton.

Chapter I was first published in Greek in Charisterion, volume in honor of Metropolitan Meliton of Chalcedon, Institute of Patristic Studies, Thessalonika, 1977. It was also published in French in L’être ecclésial. The present text is a translation from the original Greek by Norman Russell.

Chapter II was first published in French in Irénikon 50 (1977) as “Verité et Communion dans la perspective de la pensée patristique grecque.” The present English text is a translation from the French by Dr. P. J. Bussey.

Chapter III appears for the first time in English here. It was given as a contribution to the Symposium organized jointly by the University of Louvain and the “Istituto per le scienze religiose” of Bologna on the perspectives of Ecclesiology after Vatican II, and was published first in Italian in Cristianesimo nella Storia 2 (1981).

Chapter IV was first published in French as “La communauté eucharistique et la catholicité de l’Eglise” in Istina 14 (1969) and then in German in W. Pannenberg et al. Katholizität und Apostolizität (Beiheft zu Kerygtna und Dogma No 2 [1971]). In English it appeared first in One in Christ vol. 6, 1970.

Chapter V was originally given as a paper for the “Academie Internationale des Sciences religieuses” in 1974 and was published in the Proceedings of the Academy and in Istina 19, (1974) under the title “La continuité avec les origines apostoliques dans la conscience théologique des églises orthodoxes.” In English it appeared first in St Vladimir’s Theological Quarterly 19 (1975).

Chapter VI appears for the first time here in English. It was first published in German as a contribution to the series Questiones Disputatae, ed. by K. Rahner and H. Schlier, vol. 50, 1973 under the title “Priesteramt und Priesterweihe im Licht der östlich-orthodoxen Theologie.”

Chapter VII was first published in English as a contribution to the volume In Each Place, a publication of the World Council of Churches (Faith and Order), Geneva, 1977.

Источник: Communion and Otherness: further Studies in Personhood and the Church / Zizioulas John D.; Forew. By R. Williams. P. - Edinburgh : McPartlan, ed. Clark, 2006. XIV, 316 p.

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