For the suffering people of Ukraine

That Thou mightest look down with a merciful eye upon the people of the Ukrainian land, and make it unconquered by those who create havoc, we pray Thee, O kind hearted Lord, hearken and have mercy.

That Thou wouldst enlighten with the light of Thy Divine wisdom the thoughts of those darkened in bitterness, and strengthen Thy faithful in the Ukrainian land, keeping them from harm, we pray Thee, O Almighty Creator, hearken and have mercy.

Thou Who hast given us Thy commandment to love Thee our God, and our neighbor: make hatred, hostilities, offenses, greed, the shedding of blood and the other lawlessness to cease, and true charity to reign among the people of the Ukrainian land, we pray Thee, our Saviour, hearken and have mercy.

Lord, have mercy!



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