Soul Killing Drunkenness — St John of Kronstadt

Soul Killing Drunkenness — St John of Kronstadt

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How inexpressibly sad it is to see that on the Lord’s festivals the enemy collects his tax – and an exceedingly great one it is – from Christians! And the greater the festival the heavier the tax that Christians pay the enemy; for what do we see on the festivals? Perfect idleness, unbridled passions, brawls, profligacy, thefts, amusements. My God! What gratification of the flesh! What zealous service to the Devil!

О душе­па­губ­ном пьян­стве, и о страш­ном суде Божием. Прав. Иоанн Крон­штадт­ский (Сер­гиев)

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  1. 1. Soul Killing Drunkenness



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